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Take a look at these awesome resources from the United Church of Christ:

The Bible and the United Church of Christ

Ever wonder what it means to take the bible too seriously to take it literally? This resources will help you understand how we read the bible in the United Church of Christ - how tradition, reason, and conscience guide us in making sense of the stories of our faith.

History of the United Church of Christ

How did one church merge out of so many former denominations? What does it mean that we are a "United and Uniting" church? Read up on UCC history in this awesome resource from the national setting of the UCC.

UCC Open and Affirming Coalition

As an Open and Affirming church since 1999, Orchard Hill UCC affirms the full inclusion and participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer persons in the life and leadership of our church. Read up on what Open and Affirming means in our wider church today.

Check out our social media pages for videos from past worship services:



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