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As a congregation-led church, all decisions are made by the entire congregation either by action of a congregational meeting or through the work of the Church Council - an elected group of leaders who serve the church for a time as designated representatives of the congregation.

2023 OHUCC Church Council

Kim Dement, Moderator

Nena Park, Vice Moderator

Ashlee Tatman, Council Secretary

Joshua Cartee, Treasurer

Phyllis Park

Virginia Wettersten

Donald Wilkes

The congregation calls its own pastors and is currently served by The Reverend Terry Williams.


The Reverend Terry Williams

Rev. Terry Williams (he/him) is an Ordained Minister of the United Church of Christ who has served Orchard Hill UCC as pastor and teacher since December 2012.


A native of southern Appalachian Ohio, he is active in ecumenical and social justice movements across the greater Ohio region that center the voices of marginalized persons in the determination of their own future.


Educated at Ohio Wesleyan University and The Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Rev. Williams has earned a B.A. in Religion; a M.Div. with a specialization in biblical languages and texts; and a MTS degree with an emphasis in Christian Theology and Ethics.


Interpreting the Bible with special attention to the ethical, moral, and social implications of a religious reading of scripture, Rev. Williams gives voice to religious values that honor both science and sacred text as important sources of moral authority. He is committed to uniting strong theological conviction with deep spiritual experiences in ways which transform, heal, and empower people to live meaningful lives for the benefit of God’s whole creation.

Pastor Terry enjoys reading, cooking, singing in the church choir, and playing the tuba. You can connect with him in person over coffee or via Zoom - just submit your information here and let us know you'd like to connect with him.


We regret that it has to be explicitly said, but we want to be clear: all members of our congregation are eligible to serve on Church Council, including Women, LGBTQ+ persons, persons with disabilities, and every other member of the church. We mourn the fact that many churches restrict membership in their leadership - both on congregational councils and in pastoral positions - to only a select group of people. We believe that all people are gifted by God with gifts to serve, and we honor the gifts that every person brings to our community of faith.

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