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I'm New Here

We were all new to Orchard Hill UCC once. Some of us have come from other Christian churches, others grew up here, and many of us have known what it feels like to be in a church that does not feel like a safe & welcoming place to call home.

We hope you find something different here.

We believe God loves everybody with no exceptions. That kind of love can change the whole world - and it can change each one of us if we can experience and embrace it. That's the hope for what you'll find here: love, and plenty of it.

Sunday services are traditional but relaxed, lasting about an hour from start to finish. We gather as a community to encourage each other, bring our joys & sorrows to share, coordinate the mission work of the church for the week, and join in worship that refocuses our lives & deepens our love for God and for other people.

Feel free to check out our Facebook and YouTube pages for a flavor of what our worship life is like, and don't be afraid to connect with us and set up a time to chat with our Pastor over coffee or via Zoom.

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